Other stuff

Update: October 2017

This page is outdated, and will be removed at some point in the future. Please see my GitHub profile for software I've written.

This page covers various things that aren't covered by the other pages.

LaTeX class and style files

TextWrangler/Pandoc scripts

These TextWrangler Applescripts use John MacFarlane's pandoc utility to convert among markdown, HTML, and LaTeX, and from any of these into RTF. Since TextWrangler and Applescript are Mac-only, these scripts are also Mac-only.

To use:

  1. Install pandoc.
  2. In TextWrangler, go to Scripts (the scroll icon) -> Open Scripts Folder, and drag the script files into the Finder window that opens.
  3. Write something in TextWrangler using markdown, HTML, or LaTeX.
  4. In the Scripts menu, select the appropriate source -> target script.

DEVONthink Pro

Despite the rather silly spelling, DEVONthink is extremely powerful personal knowledge base software, including automated tagging and sophisticated search capabilities. I use it in tandem with Papers -- Papers does the organization, DEVONthink does the searching. There is a educational discount for DEVONthink.

On Marvelous Things Heard

If you've made it this far, you might also be interested in the following apps and utilities, none of which I am at all responsible for in any way and many of which are only for Macs.

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