The Tangled (Food) Web We Weave

The basic reason I find the food system so fascinating is the complex and often surprising connections between issues that, at first glance, don’t seem to have much to do with each other. Consider the amount of processed food we eat, the ecological concerns we have about food production (pesticides,... [Read More]

Satz' Account of Noxious Markets

In this post, I’ll summarize Stanford political philosopher Debra Satz’ account of noxious markets. (Satz 2010; unsourced page number citations will be to this book.) This will serve as preparatory work for a post applying her account to commercialized science (probably, specifically, the “funder effect”). [Read More]

Two Conceptions of Human Nature

In his essay “Two Philosophers Skeptical of Negative Liberty” in Libertarianism Defended, Tibor Machan comes close to a significant insight concerning the fundamental disagreements about human nature that motivate the high-level disagreements between (right-)libertarians, on the one hand, and egalitarian liberals and (democratic) socialists, on the other hand. In this... [Read More]
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