Old posts

Posts dated prior to 2018 were migrated from an old Tumblr site during a website redesign in September-October 2018. I selected the posts to migrate based on a quick skim of their contents; they generally reflect my current views, but I did not necessarily read them carefully. In a few... [Read More]
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Against 'Science-Based Policy'

Today, as part of the preparation for my AAAS science policy fellowship, I filled out a brief survey on science and public policy. Several of the questions dealt with “science-based policy,” and overall the wording of the questions assumed that policy should be “science-based.” I was uncomfortable with this language,... [Read More]

Industry-funded research and publishing independence

Industry funding of scientific research was in the news last week. The most prominent story was that Coca-Cola is funding obesity research. But I had an interesting Twitter exchange about a different story: Clif Bar and Organic Valley are funding research on organic agriculture at UW-Madison. To paraphrase the Tweet... [Read More]
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