Sexism, Philosophy, and the Reciprocity of Virtue

Sexism in philosophy has been on my mind lately, between my colleague Kerry McKenzie’s review of a disastrous attempt at philosophy of physics by notorious sexist philosopher Colin McGinn and a visit to our department last week by Jenny Saul. I’ve also been thinking a lot about virtue ethics, in... [Read More]
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The Climate Debate: Ignorance, and/or Complexity?

Why is the climate change debate so interminable? From the perspective of many scientists, we’ve had compelling data since the 1970s and more than enough reason to reduce greenhouse gas emissions since the 1980s. Today the IPCC will release the first part of their fifth Assessment Report. But no one... [Read More]
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The History of Philosophy as a Social Network

As I discussed in a post last month, I recently took a Coursera class on network theory and analysis. I did this in part because I wanted to evaluate the MOOC format from a student’s perspective. But I also did it because network theory is very hot right now and... [Read More]
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