I am a faculty member of the graduate group in Cognitive and Information Sciences at UC Merced. Students interested in working with me would most likely be interested in topics such as values in cognitive science, philosophy of science/metascience issues raised by cognitive science, and/or developing advanced skills in certain areas of computational social science.

Potential graduate students considering working with me should keep in mind that I am part of a graduate program in cognitive and information sciences, not philosophy; and, at the same time, I have a limited background in and connections to cognitive science. I would recommend students have another, co-equal advisor who works more directly in cognitive science.

Information on the grad programs here
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Here are some examples of topics that connect my research interests with cognitive science:

  • Values and cognitive science
    • Value-laden assumptions in cognitive science
      • neurosexism, race science
      • assumptions about practical reason in agent-based models
      • assumptions about knowledge in machine learning
    • Roles (actual and normative) of cognitive science in policy and public political discourse
    • Ethical, legal, and social implications of cognitive science (including AI)
    • Applying cognitive science methods to test models from ethics and the values and science literature
  • Philosophy of science/metascience
    • Replication and reproducibility
    • Cognitive science as a data-intensive or model-based science
    • Is cognitive science a discipline? Multidiscipline? Interdiscipline?
    • Cognitive science as a social practice
    • Epistemic and pragmatic aims of cognitive science
    • Relationship between cognitive science and other fields: psychology, computer science, anthropology; but also biology, sociology, economics, physics

Written hastily on 12 February 2020.