Leftist dynamics for city simulation games

I’ve been playing Cities: Skylines recently, and that prompted me to go back and re-read Kevin Baker’s Model Metropolis, on the libertarian assumptions baked in to the dynamics of SimCity and its descendants, including C:S. [Read More]

Configuring Github and Travis-CI for Automated Lab Feedback

Last summer, anticipating teaching for the first time since 2013, I started reading about ungrading, and somewhere (maybe even in that piece, I didn’t check) read about a computer scientist who uses continuous integration (CI) to automatically give students feedback on their CS lab assignments. Each lab assignment has well-specified... [Read More]

Teaching critical thinking in 2020

Back in May, I read a blog post by Cathy Davidson, an English professor at CUNY Grad Center, “The Single Most Essential Requirement in Designing a Fall Online Course.” It’s a really useful meditation for academics (and other teachers, and really anyone who works with young people) start to plan... [Read More]

Replication, reproducibility, and Strengthening Transparency

Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science is an open science rule that the US Environmental Protection Agency proposed in April 2018. If adopted, the rule would restrict the scientific information that EPA uses in policymaking, requiring that the data and analysis code be available either publicly or in a secure data... [Read More]